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Thursday Nitt Picks

Here are a few Nitt Picks from things I'm reading around the internets.

Did somebody say there is a game this weekend? Who is Florida International? I apologize in dropping the ball and giving you absolutely no warning and no idea who the Florida International Golden Panther are. The truth is I don't care and there are much more interesting things to research and write about than the inevitable bloodbath we're going to see in two days. Fortunately The Nittany Line and Run Up The Score took the time to actually read something about FIU and they got you covered. Though I will be hoping to see the Panthers get thrashed, you can't help but root for Ned.

Go get 'em, little guy!

From the anti-climatic department, the Preseason Blogpoll #2 is out and Penn State is still ranked #13. I'm sure a 50 point thrashing of FIU will help that.

We don't give the other PSU sports nearly as much attention as we should here, but when one of them does something extraordinary I try to point it out. Such is the case with the Women's Volleyball team who last weekend opened their season by beating #4 Texas twice in consecutive nights. The team returns a lot of talent this year and has high expectations. With their wins over Texas, junior middle hitter Christa Harmotto won Big Ten Player of the Week honors.

Brian posted previews of Wisconsin and Ohio State. Though they were much more entertaining to read than my previews, Brian pretty much comes to the same conclusion as I do on each team. They are both quite overrated this year.

It looks like Penn State came up just short of winning once again. Congratulations to [Team Redacted] for winning the Fulmer Cup.

Kirk Herbstreit released his Seventh Annual Herbie Awards and Penn State got a lot of love. There Is No Name On My Jersey rejoices. Badger Tracker not so much.