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Nitt Picks is Sleep Deprived

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Man I forgot how much work babies are. (This is our second for those who didn't know.) I got two hours of sleep the first night we brought him home. Last night I think I got five, so things are getting better. It's been tough for me to find time to post, but I have been reading different things around the internet this week. Here's a sample.

Preseason practice started yesterday, and Run Up The Score offered a few things to keep an eye on. PA Sports Blog took notice and asked "What about Anthony Morelli?" And RUTS says don't make Morelli a scapegoat.

Wisconsin running back Lance Smith was cleared to rejoin the team one hour before practice yesterday. It seems everyone is taking the Joe Paterno route to punishing players now.

Smith said he would receive counseling and perform community service work at the direction of Coach Bret Bielema. He pledged "to conduct myself in a manner that I can be proud of."

If you remember, Smith was suspended from the team for pushing his girlfriend around over a little cab fare. I can't help but notice that unlike the situation with the Penn State players, the specific act of community service wasn't mentioned. He'll probably be signing autographs for charity or something. That'll teach him.

Also of shady Bret Beilema dealings, wide receiver Daven Jones has suddenly been declared acedemically eligible to play. But they're still crossing their fingers on freshman running back John Clay.

We beat up Ron Braken pretty good here a few weeks ago, but this week he earns a little respect in telling Pitt to take the deal Penn State offered years ago to play two games at Pitt for every three at Penn State. Now before the "We don't need Pitt" chorus warms up, ask yourself this: Are you thrilled about playing Coastal Carolina and Arkansas State?