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Blue White Roundtable

It's Blue-White Roundtable time. William Yurasko has the questions. There Is No Name On My Jersey, Run Up The Score, The Nittany Line, and The Nittany Blog are along for the ride.

Thus far the defense has given up three points (on a short field) in two games. Have they proved that they are an elite unit or are they still untested?

Have they proven they are an elite unit? Not yet. I want to see how they do when we get into the Big Ten schedule. But so far they haven't done anything to disprove they are an elite unit.

Anthony Morelli made a great throw to Chris Bell for 51 yards but also fumbled and was picked off twice. How concerned are you about him as the starting quarterback?

As long as Penn State has the lead and the defense is claiming more yards than they are giving up he's a great quarterback. But right now if the game were on the line and we needed a clutch fourth quarter drive in the last two minutes to score a touchdown for the win, I'm not feeling good about our chances. Anthony Morelli just hasn't shown he can deliver in pressure situations. I hope Penn State is never in a situation where he has to lead a fourth quarter comeback, but until Morelli does that people are always going to question his ability.

Don't look now, but this week's opponent Buffalo dropped 42 on Temple this past Saturday. Granted Temple is awful, but should we be concerned at all?

Um. No.


Where you at the game? If so, does the atmosphere stand up to other big games like Nebraska in 2002, Ohio State in 2005, etc.?

I was not at the game. Thanks for bringing that up. Just from watching on television I don't think it was as crazy as 2002. That game was nuts because everyone expected us to get blown out and it went the other way around.

You know, this game set the #2 all time attendance record. Amazingly, we fell almost 700 people short of 2002. It makes me wonder if they've changed the way they count attendance since then and if we'll ever beat the record again.

Do you think Jimmy Clausen will be a good QB?

Someday. But Domers thinking he'll be Brady Quinn by week five are setting themselves up for disappointment.

Do you work with any Notre Dame fans? If so, what kind of mood where they in on Monday morning?

I don't work with any Domers, but I've been cruising the internet to get their postgame views. As you would expect they aren't giving Penn State much credit for winning the game. It's all about Notre Dame as usual. They prefer to look at it as Notre Dame shot themselves in the foot with penalties and poor offensive line play. They're taking a "glass-half-full" approach and they're convinced that by midseason all of their problems will work themselves out. Some of them have even gone as far as to say if we met them a few months from now they would probably win.