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Game Day Open Thread - Buffalo Bulls

I know it's a day early but who cares. I won't be at the game this weekend, but I've worked an angle where I'll see it on the Big Ten Network. If this game is anything less than a four score blowout we're in trouble. The goal is to stay healthy and get some work for the younger players. I would love to see Pat Devlin get a dozen throws in this game. Here are some undoubtedly ridiculous predictions we can all laugh at on Sunday.

Buffalo is held to under 150 yards of total offense and negative yards rushing.
Deon Butler catches a touchdown pass
Austin Scott gains 150 yards rushing
Anthony Scirrotto gets an interception

Oh yeah. And Penn State wins 55-0.

Leave your predictions, analysis, and statements of boredom in the comments.

Go State! Eat Some Buffalo Wings!