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Buffalo Preview

Yeah, so a lot of people saw the 42-7 thumping Buffalo put on Temple and thought ohmygosh they might be good. But keep in mind that Buffalo also lost to Rutgers 38-3. I know after the Appalachian State thing everyone is worried, but trust me, this is no Appalachian State. Appalachian State was crowned Div I-AA champion the past two years. Buffalo was ranked in ESPN's bottom 10 programs. This one should be a laugher by halftime. If it's not then we have some serious issues on this team.

So I'm not going to bore you (and myself) with breaking down their offense and defense. This game is a tuneup before the real test of the conference schedule begins. With that, here are a few things I want to see this Saturday when the Penn State Nittany Lions line up to play the Buffalo Bulls.

1. Get the running game going right out of the gate.

Penn State has only managed 68 yards rushing in the first half of its first two games. They have done this mostly running between the tackles and saving the outside runs for the second half where they have 332 yards rushing. Some people say "they're wearing down the defense". I don't buy it. Why waste the first two quarters just to set up one or two pounding drives in the fourth quarter?

2. Get the wide receivers involved.

In two games the group of Butler, Williams, Golden and Norwood have combined for 22 catches and 2 TD in 83 points of offense. Chris Bell has the best catch of the year with his 51 yard bomb, but other than that we haven't seen any big plays from them.

3. Run with authority

Austin Scott still seems hesitant running up the middle. He needs to be more decisive in hitting the holes. Perhaps some early outside runs would help get him into a rhythm sooner.

4. Tighter corner play

Justing King has been good, but the duo of Lydell Sargeant and A.J. Wallace need to tighten it up. Sargeant seems to have a better grasp of the defensive playbook but lacks the athletic ability to cover one-on-one. A.J. Wallace has tons of speed but doesn't appear to have control of it yet. These guys could be a liability if they don't get their act together.

5. The return of Quarless

Joe Paterno said this week that Quarless will most likely play this Saturday though he won't start. I'm interested in seeing how much he has improved over the offseason and what element he brings to the offense. Maybe he's the spark we've been missing.