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College Pick 'Em Update

We'll come back to the Michigan game and eventually start looking ahead to Illinois, but first some business to take care of. I warned you all about picking PSU in the Pick 'Em game. Anyone who picked PSU should be ashamed of themselves. You ruined it with your homer jinx!

Congrats to PSU4Ever11 who won the college pick 'em this week. So PSU4Ever11, if you feel so inclined to post a breakdown of the games for this week in the diaries I'll be happy to bump it to the front page.

Our overall leader is CoolHandLucky who is becoming the Matt Kenseth of College Pick 'Em. NASCAR fans will find the humor in that. For the rest of you, basically he finishes in the top five every week but never wins. In NASCAR and college pick 'em I guess that's still pretty good.