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Blue White Roundtable Marches On

Well, it's D-Day plus four now. The headache is gone, but it still feels like I got kicked in the stomach. You think maybe the Blue White Roundtable will help take our minds off the Michigan loss? Think again. The Nittany Notebook has the questions. Then there is the rest of the gang.

Run Up The Score
The Nittany Line
There Is No Name On My Jersey
William Yurasko

Let's get to it.

The offense looked pathetic against Michigan. Is there any hope that Penn State's offense can at least play respectably the rest of the season?

At this point it's anybody's guess. On paper we have tons of talent. It's a matter of the coaches allowing that talent to go out and win the game. Don't fill their heads with doubts. Don't dumb down the playbook for them. Players know when the coaches don't believe in them and that makes them hesitate and not take chances. They should be telling these kids just go out and play and have fun rather than pucker pucker pucker.

You can lay the blame for the loss to Michigan on one person. Who gets it?

Joe Paterno. That was an absolutely horrible game plan. Appalachian State and Oregon gave you the blue print for beating Michigan and he ignored it. Instead we tried to pick up the Wolverine by the teeth and got bit.

Penn State plays Illinois in a tough road test this weekend. What kind of performance do you expect from Penn State on Saturday?

I expect we'll come out flat on offense like we always do. I expect Austin Scott will fumble early and Anthony Morelli will gift wrap the Illini seven points somehow. Despite all of this I expect the defense and Jeremy Boone will bail us out more times than we're comfortable with and ultimately we'll win by two touchdowns.

Lightning Round:

After that performance against Michigan what is your new record prediction and bowl game for Penn State?

At the beginning of the year I expected a 10-2 record. That included a loss to Michigan. I'm still sticking with that.

Who starts at tailback against the Illini?

Austin Scott much to our chagrin.

Score prediction for the Illinois game.

Why do you insist on making me do this? 28-14 Penn State.

When does A.J. Wallace finally supplant Lydell Sargeant as the other starting CB?

I think we're still a few weeks away.