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Illinois 27 - Penn State 20

So there it is. I said last year that Morelli was a loser. After the Outback Bowl I humbly said Mea Culpa. I defended his poor play against Notre Dame. I gave him the benefit of the doubt against Michigan saying Austin Scott, the offensive line, and the coaches were just as much to blame. Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me. Fool me four or five times, well I'm definitely maybe not falling for that again. I'm tired of making excuses for Anthony Morelli.

With Penn State within one score of taking the lead or tying the game, the last four drives all entered Illinios territory. They ended interception, interception, fumble, and interception. All on the head of Anthony Morelli. Four times the Nittany Lions had a chance to take the lead or tie the game. Four times Anthony Morelli blew it.

Other than #14 I thought it was a great game by the rest of the team. Rodney Kinlaw fumbled, but that was more on the defender making a great play rather than him being careless. The coaches did a fantasic job opening up the offense. The defense was a little shaky in the first half but tightened up and only gave up six points in the second half. The game was there for the taking, and #14 blew it. I'm so disgusted I can't even type his name anymore. He's forever #14 to me now.

The season is in freefall now. Who knows where it stops. Four losses? Five losses? Do we make a bowl game? Hang on Alice. We'll find out soon enough how deep this rabbit hole goes.