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College Pick 'Em Week Five Results

Congrats to michlion who won week five of the college pick 'em game. He didn't pick the most correct games only nailing six out of ten, but he made up for it in the way he ranked the games and won comfortably by two points. It just goes to show how important the confidence rating is to this game.

Coolhandlucky remains our overall leader with 208 points, but he saw his lead over Dr. Nick trimmed a bit. Watch out for your humble host who shot up from a tie for 20th to a tie for 9th. Like the Penn State offense, I'm slow getting started but I'm comin' after you like Tony Hunt on a fourth quarter drive.

So michlion, we would appreciated a breakdown of the games this week in the diaries, and as always I'll bump it to the front page for everyone to see.