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BlogPoll Week 1 Ballot - Draft

First the disclaimer: Obviously I watched Penn State play Florida International in person. I watched three quarters of Cal beating Tennessee. I caught the first half and most of the fourth quarter of Notre Dame-Georgia Tech. I watched some LSU-MSU and most of Clemson-Florida State. Now on to the ballot.

Rank Team Delta
1 Southern Cal --
2 LSU --
3 Oklahoma 1
4 Florida 3
5 California 10
6 Penn State 3
7 Wisconsin 1
8 Georgia 2
9 UCLA 3
10 Virginia Tech 4
11 Nebraska 3
12 Clemson 14
13 West Virginia 2
14 Texas 9
15 Texas A&M 2
16 Georgia Tech 10
17 Ohio State 1
18 Louisville 1
19 Auburn 1
20 Hawaii 1
21 Tennessee 8
22 South Carolina 4
23 Oregon 1
24 Boise State --
25 Alabama 2

Dropped Out: Michigan (#3), Florida State (#25).

Movin' On Up

Cals win over Tennessee was probably the most impressive win this weekend (by a Div I-A opponent that is). Justin Forset and Nate Longshore looked unstoppable against the Tennessee defense. But then so did Anthony Morelli and Tony Hunt.

Georgia Tech makes a nice debut at #16 thanks to their 33-3 thumping of Notre Dame.

Clemson debuts at #14 thanks to their upset(?) of Florida State.

Movin' On Down

I was skeptical of the 'Noles from the beginning. Last year the blogpoll voters got duped into ranking them around the top 10 to start the season and that quickly backfired. I was cautious last year and again this year putting them at #25 since they have an entirely new coaching staff and their quarterbacks have never once impressed me. It appears now I was justified in doing so.

Tennessee's defense looked terrible. They couldn't stop anything Cal threw at them. That's two games in a row the Volunteers have lost to ranked opponents. One more and it's no rank for you.

Texas and Virginia Tech both drop a bit due to struggles against perceived inferior opponents.

And then there's Michigan, who lost to Appalachian State in case you've been hiding in a cave in Afghanistan or something. When I first came up with my draft ballot I dropped them to #15 still thinking they are a good team. Then I decided I shouldn't have to give them the benefit of the doubt. They should have to earn my respect again. So like a scorned lover I banished them from my ballot for making me live with the shame of having ranked them #3 to start the season. They will have to score an impressive win...maybe two...before I'll put them on my ballot again.

Everything else you see is minor shuffling, but everyone else pretty much treaded water this weekend.