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Notre Dame - Penn State Team Comparison

Penn State – Notre Dame Unit Comparisons
Position/Unit Notre Dame Penn State Advantage Comments
Quarterbacks Talented true freshman in his first career start vs. an experienced senior.
Running Backs Even Running back by committee for both teams.
Wide Receivers Penn State has tons of experience and depth. Notre Dame not so much.
Tight Ends John Carlson is a legit pro prospect. Even with Andrew Quarless the Lions lose this one.
Offensive Line The Irish looked really shaky against Tech. The Lions have much more depth and experience than last year.
Defensive Line The Irish are desperately thin and undersized. Penn State goes two deep at every position.
Linebackers Do I need to explain this one?
Secondary PSU has loads of athleticism here. ND has Zbikowski and that’s about it.
Special Teams Just a slight advantage here.