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Game Day Open Thread

Here is your game day open thread. Though I wish I were sitting in the stadium, I'll be watching the game on television like all the other schmucks too cheap to drop a couple C-Notes on tickets. So feel free to stop by and leave a comment or two. You'll most likely see me here. Now for some undoubtedly stupid predictions we can laugh at on Sunday morning.

Anthony Morelli completes 20-of-35 for 250 yards and 3 TD
Penn State gains 250 yards rushing
Notre Dame is held to under 100 yards rushing and 150 yards passing
The Penn State defense causes four turnovers
Jimmy Clausen pees his pants in the face of the Whiteout and the blitzing linebackers

Oh, and Penn State wins big.

Notre Dame 10
Penn State 45

Leave your predictions, analysis, and general smack talk/jubilation in the comments.