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New Years Day Open Thread

Happy New Year

Did anyone else stay up until 12:30 AM last night to watch that guy jump the football field on his motorcycle last night? Just me? Well, he made it and didn't crash and burn. Man, was that a waste of good sleep.

For college football fans today is like the second Christmas. Big games on big stages all day long. Enjoy the games since a week from now we'll be dying for some college football again. Here's an open thread for all the bowl games today.

It will also be a key day in the BSD pick 'em game. I started yesterday tied for 48th. By the end of the day I found myself sitting in fifth. Fresno State was a big pick for me, unfortunately I gave it all right back by going with Indiana. But just like the regular season we're looking at the top of the standings and there sits CoolHandLucky. That dude is amazing. If I ever go back to Vegas I'm totally getting his cell number.