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Game Day Open Thread - Minnesota Golden Gophers

Go State!
Penn State 10-4 (2-0) Minnesota 11-3 (1-1)

Those of you with the Big Ten Network can see the game at 2 PM. I've made the trip to State College as I usually do once a year for a basketball game, so I'll be sitting in the stands next to Mrs. BSD.

This should be a challenging game and a very important game for the Nittany Lions. The Gophers are off to a great start in Tubby Smith's first year. They bring an attacking style of defense that forces a lot of turnovers. It should be an up tempo game compared to some of the games we've see recently. We'll see how well DeChellis' team can get out and run. Hopefully they can keep it under control and limit the turnovers. You can expect a full rundown of the trip when I get back home.