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Oh No! We Suck Again!

I'm on the road this week so I didn't get a chance to watch the basketball game last night. I caught the score on the ticker on ESPN this morning. I wasn't pleased by the score, but I figured we were going to lose that one anyway. Then when I got to work this morning I stole a second to read some articles and read this.

The Nittany Lions' worst loss of the season, an 80-55 defeat Tuesday at the hands of No. 17 Wisconsin, became an afterthought just 6 minutes into the game, when Claxton was helped off the floor and into the locker room after landing awkwardly on a rebound attempt.

Penn State team physician Dr. Wayne Sebastianelli said the full extent of the injury won't be determined until today, when Claxton has an MRI of the knee, but a physical examination indicated a tear to the anterior cruciate ligament, an injury that requires at least six months of rehabilitation.

 The Nittany Lions' leading scorer for each of the last three and a half seasons has played his final game in a Penn State uniform. Sebastianelli said Claxton was out for the season.

Oh no! We suck again!

Yeah. The season is probably lost. I feel bad about that, but I feel worse for Geary Claxton. He had an outside chance of getting drafted into the NBA. That's probably gone now. He's a good kid that came to a program at its darkest hour. He believed in us when nobody else did. He kept his nose clean and worked his tail off. Good people deserve better than that. Good luck, Geary.

Guys like DJ Jackson and Jeff Brooks are going to have to step in to fill the void. The good news is these guys are freshmen and they are going to get a lot of good experience. That should pay huge dividends down the road. But realistically we need at least five wins to make the NIT, and looking at the schedule going forward I don't know where we're going to get them.