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BSD Courtroom Update

So the football season is over. The basketball season may as well be. Thank goodness the blog content cash cows Chris Baker and Centre County DA office are around to keep us entertained.

Aggravated assault charges against two Nittany Lions were bound over for trial in Centre County Court following a preliminary hearing over which a district judge from Blair County presided.

It was the second time football players Chris Baker, 20, of Windsor, Conn., and Navorro Bowman, 19, of District Heights, Md., were in court to face the felony counts, filed for what police say were their roles in an Oct. 7 incident in which as many as 15 Penn State football players beat and stomped a man at the university's HUB-Robeson Center.

Yawn. Another day another witness saying they saw Chris Baker stomping someone. I'm so tired of this guy. If I never see him wearing the Blue and White again that will be ok with me.

Navorro Bowman isn't too far behind. I'm willing to cut him some slack since he's a first time offender. But given how the entire off season went last year it isn't much. Lest anyone think I'm condoning us heading down the road to Miami let me be perfectly clear. I would rather go 8-4 with well behaved players than go 12-0 with a bunch of thugs.

In other news, Willie Harriott took another step toward tying up loose ends in State College before he officially looks for a transfer out of the program.

A Penn State football player charged with DUI waived his preliminary hearing Wednesday.

Willie E. Harriott, of New Haven, Conn., was stopped around 4:15 a.m. Nov. 11 on North Atherton Street after he was seen speeding and leaving his lane of travel by Ferguson Township police, court documents state. Harriott registered a blood-alcohol content of .16 -- twice the legal limit, according to police.

I guess no high powered lawyer for him, huh? Ya think the program has kind of turned their backs on him do ya? It's been nice knowing you, Willie. Don't let the door hit you.