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Game Day Open Thread - Northwestern Wildcats

Cat Fight!
Penn State 8-4 Northwestern 5-4

With the excitement of the Alamo Bowl winding down we can start turning our attention to the basketball team again.

Penn State is riding a five game winning streak into Evanston tonight to start of Big Ten conference play. Those of you interested can watch the game on ESPN2 at 9 PM tonight. I'm hoping to drop in on the open thread, though I'll probably be bouncing back and forth from the Fiesta Bowl.

Northwestern utilizes the "Princeton Offense" which relies on accurate three point shooting and backdoor cuts to create easy layups. Penn State faced two similar teams this season when they played Princeton and Denver. The Lions beat both teams and held them under 40 points each.

Although it's just Northwestern this is a big game for Penn State. All eight of our wins have come at home this season, so getting a win on the road would be a big step for this team.

Go Lions! Beat The Wildcats!