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2007 College Football Blogger Awards

Heisman? Check.

Maxwell? Check.

Lombardi? Done.

Now that all the usual post season college football crap is out of the way we can move on to the real awards, The 2007 College Football Blogger Awards. The 2007 CFB's are a collective effort by the brightest minds in the college football blogosphere including Every Day Should Be Saturday, MGoBlog, Burnt Orange Nation, Dawg Sports, and of course Rocky Top Talk.

Not much has changed since the 2006 CFB's, but it should be a bit more interesting this year since they have declared there will be no repeat winners, which pretty much means Orson and SMQ won't win anything since they swept everything last year. Personally, I don't see BSD winning anything this year, but I'll be honored if I'm just nominated for anything given the great amount of talent out there.

Like last year, winners will be selected by either a committee or a vote by fellow bloggers. But you readers can help out by nominating your favorite blogs for the various awards. To do so please go to the Nomination Gizmo and follow the instructions. Make sure you check the list of 2006 winners so you don't nominate someone who will not be eligible to win again.

Bloggers are not allowed to nominate themselves for anything. Though I don't see anything in the gizmo that prevents me from doing so I shall abstain from nominating myself. Success or Failure with Honor is our motto here. I also will not be trolling my readership for votes. If you feel something I have written is worthy of nominating please do so. If not I really don't care. The sun will come up tomorrow and BSD will manage to keep going...somehow.

Nominations are due Sunday night so please hurry if you would like to participate. I'm afraid I'm a bit late in getting the announcement to you so for that I apologize. I will be thinking over my nominations tonight and hopefully post them for you tomorrow.