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Paterno Excuses Timmons and Two Others From The Team

According to the Daily Collegian, Joe Paterno has excused three players from the football team.

Knowledge Timmons and two other Penn State football players have been kicked off the team, and their future with the program will likely remain unclear until the results of a Judicial Affairs hearing next Tuesday, Timmons's aunt said last night.

Team spokesmen Jeff Nelson and Guido D'Elia confirmed last night three players have been "excused from the team" but would not offer any further information.

Joe Paterno told Timmons, a sophomore defensive back, and the two unknown players in meetings yesterday afternoon they would not be a part of the team until legal matters cleared, said Timmons's aunt Joan Flowers, who has helped care for Timmons since he was about 9 years old.

The article only mentions Knowledge Timmons by name. If you recall, Timmons was involved in the HUB fight back in October. Though nobody witnessed him throw a punch, he was charged with disorderly conduct for hanging around the scene and flipping over tables after police ordered him to leave.

The article does not mention the other two players, but does say that they "would not be a part of the team until legal matters cleared". So this narrows it down considerably.

One candidate for this suspension would be Chris Baker. Baker was involved in both the apartment fight back in April and the HUB fight. He currently faces felony charges in both incidents. Baker sat out the Michigan State game and did not travel with the team to the Alamo Bowl.

Anthony Scirrotto is still facing felony charges from the apartment fight, but he played the entire season and nothing new has developed in that case. I doubt Paterno would take this kind of action now unless something has occurred behind the scenes that we don't know about.

Navorro Bowman is facing felony charges along with Baker in the Hub incident. Bowman also sat out the Michigan State game and the Alamo Bowl.

Willie Harriott saw his share of trouble this year as well. Along with Andrew Quarless he was cited for underage drinking just before the season. Then he was charged with DUI during the season and is still awaiting trial on that. He also missed the last two games of the year.

Did I miss anyone? I believe those are the only players still facing legal issues. If I had to make a guess, I would say the other two players that have been excused would be Baker and Harriott based on what we know.