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Baker, Bowman, and Timmons Suspended

The Patriot News reports the three Penn State players suspended from the team are Chris Baker, Navorro Bowman, and Knowledge Timmons.

Penn State starting defensive tackle Chris Baker and two backups, linebacker Navorro Bowman and defensive back Knowledge Timmons, have been suspended from the Nittany Lions' team.

For how long remains to be seen. A Penn State source told The Patriot-News today that PSU head coach Joe Paterno has temporarily suspended the three players due to pending legal issues.

No huge shocker there. I was kind of surprised that Paterno came down so hard on Bowman with this being his first offense we know of. Maybe there's something more going on there we're not privy to.

None of this news is earth shattering, but it's not good. Baker may be the best defensive tackle on the team, but we're overloaded with talent there so we can fill that gap pretty easily. Bowman had a great shot at claiming a starting role next year. Timmons was most likely hoping to claim the nickel spot at best.

We'll manage without these guys, but we would be a lot deeper with them. We'll have to wait and see if anyone takes advantage of the extra snaps in spring practice to make a name for themselves.