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Thanks For Bailing Out Our Asses

It's no secret that our basketball team has had trouble selling tickets the past few years. There are times you could hear a pin drop in the Bryce Jordan Center.

Plenty of good seats still available!

It's been so bad in recent years that the athletic department has resorted to literally giving tickets away for free. But this year it appeared they wouldn't have to do that since the team was looking kind of good. A few weeks ago they announced this "Target 10" campaign to raise money for THON. Basically, if the university could sell 10,000 tickets for tonight's game against Ohio State all of the proceeds from student ticket sales to the Michigan State game on February 2 would go toward THON. Then Geary Claxton went down, and now the Jordan Center is quieter than the Paterno Library.

Well, apparently not even supporting THON and helping find a cure for children's cancer can get the Penn State students to come out and support the team since the Big Ten Network is having to bail them out by buying 1000 tickets to the game.

The Big Ten Network is buying 1,000 student tickets to the Ohio State-Penn State men's basketball game to help support THON, the Penn State IFC/Panhellenic Dance Marathon.

The network's goal is to help the Penn State Athletic Department attract 10,000 students to the Tuesday, Jan. 29, contest. If the school sells 10,000 student tickets for the Ohio State-Penn State game, all of the proceeds from the single-game student ticket sales for the Michigan State game on Saturday, Feb. 2, will go to THON.

Now don't look at this as a knock on the students, though the lack of turnout is disappointing. I'm more disgusted in the program in general for letting things fall to this level. If tying Penn State basketball to THON can't put butts in the seats I don't know what will.