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Recruiting Update

Penn State got some good news yesterday when Harrisburg defensive tackle Brandon Ware made his verbal commitment to play for Penn State.

The Nittany Lions secured an oral commitment Sunday from burly Harrisburg defensive tackle Brandon Ware, who was on a weekend visit.

The 6-foot-4, 348-pound Ware was a PIAA Class AAAA first-team all-state selection this past season and is one of four Penn State commitments selected to play in this summer's Big 33 game. He had eight sacks in each of his last two seasons at Harrisburg High School.

Ware, who chose Penn State over offers from Temple and North Carolina Central, is the team's 15th commitment and fourth defensive lineman recruit in the Class of 2008.

Another Plan B kid that didn't get much attention, but apparently that is because he had some academic issues that scared off the big programs. He still has some work to do, but those issues have apparently been resolved. Nobody claims he has a lack of talent, but at 340 lbs it sounds like he's going to have to get himself into playing shape. If the academic issues do not work out don't be surprised if he takes a gray shirt to get his books in order and drop some weight.

In other news, the message boards erupted in joyous celebration last night when BWI said D'Anton Lynn reaffirmed his commitment to Penn State. But not so fast my friend! They didn't have any direct quotes from Lynn. Just an alleged phone call placed to the rivals Texas Tech site. Then this morning I fire up the google reader and find this.

About 9 p.m. Sunday, Lynn said he hasn't made a final decision, but is weighing the Nittany Lions against the Red Raiders and the Sooners.

"I'm still committed to (Penn State)," Lynn said, "so they're still my top school right now."

The 6-foot-1, 185-pound Lynn had 60 tackles and five interceptions during the regular season for his high school team. D'Anton Lynn is a son of former Tech running back Anthony Lynn and visited Tech the weekend of Jan. 18-20.

"I know I definitely like Tech a lot," he said Sunday.

I'm still committed? They're still my top school? He definitely likes Tech a lot? Sounds like this saga isn't over yet.

Then today Ron Bracken laughs at the pathetic Penn State fans who think we actually have a shot at Terrelle Pryor. (HT: TNL)

It's late January and Penn State's hopes of landing Terrelle Pryor are dropping like technology stocks.

Oh, there are some diehards out there who still cling to the hope that Pryor, this year's super recruit, will relent and sign a letter-of- intent with the Nittany Lions. Be kind to them.

Then there are those who have come to the realization that it's not going to happen, that the kid with the dazzling athletic talent is not going to resign himself to the slow elevator to the top of the depth chart at a school where loyalty to upperclassmen trumps all.

Count me in the latter group. I don't think Pryor is going to come to Penn State. I could be wrong, but honestly I don't care. I'm tired of the drama surrounding this kid. One day he's going to visit Penn State. Then he isn't. Then he's going to go to LSU. Then he isn't. One day he's wearing a Michigan sweatshirt. The next day he's got a Buckeye sticker on his helmet.  This kid already knows where he's going to school. He talks to all of these coaches every day. He's been to every school multiple times. It's obvious to me what he's doing. He has a press conference scheduled on ESPN to make his grand announcement on signing day. He doesn't want to give that up because that would be bad for Terrelle Pryor. So he's stringing these schools along to make it interesting so he'll get big ratings for his press conference. So as far as I'm concerned he can borrow his Ohio State buddy's Corvette and go back to Jeanette.