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God it kills me to say that. But someone has to bring ESPN and the SEC lovefest back to reality. If you listen to them the game tonight is just a formality. We're only playing it because we have to. It's like a game between the Toronto Bluejays and Tampa Bay Devilrays in early September. It's on the schedule so we might as well play it.

It's been like this all year. They crowned the LSU Tigers the best team in the country before the season started. It really started after they thrashed Notre Dame in the Sugar Bowl last season. If you read the preseason magazines you were convinced that LSU was going to meet USC in the BCS championship game. USC's loss to Stanford couldn't be overlooked by the voters and computers. But LSU's losses to Kentucky and Arkansas could. So now we have a two loss team as a favorite to win it all, and if you listen to everyone else Ohio State is in only because they were able to win a weak Big Ten in a down year.

They say the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Sometimes that's the case. But there are times when family has to look out for family. You can exchange fists with your brother in the kitchen, but when you go to school and you see the bully picking on him you have to get his back. That's what it's like here.

The reputation of the Big Ten is at stake here. We've taken a lot of shit ever since last January. Nobody gives us any credit even though the odds are stacked against us. Take a look at the Big Ten bowl scenario this year.

Michigan plays Florida in Orlando

Penn State plays Texas A&M in San Antonio

Illinois plays USC in Pasedena

Ohio State plays LSU in New Orleans

Are you sensing a pattern here? Heck, even Purdue had to go to Detroit to play Central Michigan. Every year the Big Ten has to overcome this institutionalized disadvantage. Last year Michigan played USC in the Rose Bowl. Penn State had to play Florida State in the Orange Bowl a few years ago. But nobody ever mentions the advantage the SEC has with two BCS bowl games held within the limits of their natural territory.

So I'm sick of the SEC lovefest. Yeah they're fast. Probably faster than us stodgy Big Ten schools. But speed can turn back on you if it's not controlled. Big Ten teams are more disciplined. They're under control. They're smarter. They're better prepared. That's why we shouldn't be so quick to write off the Buckeyes just yet.

So tonight I'll watch the game and I'll be cheering for Ohio State. And I'm sure if they win we'll all be flooded with now silent Buckeye fans telling us "in your face". I'll probably regret it tomorrow and go back to hating them. But for tonight and tonight only it's Go Buckeyes! Do the Big Ten proud.