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2007 Bowl Season Wrap Up

So the 2007 football season has come to an end. I watched the game last night along with many of you here in the impromptu open thread. I just had a few thoughts from the game and this bowl season in general to share with you all.

First off, FOX has no business covering the BCS games. All season long we get to listen to Brent Musberger and Kirk Herbstreit cover the big prime time games. Musberger can be a little annoying, but he's familiar. And Herbstreit is top notch. But then along comes FOX, the highest bidder for all of the BCS games. Now we have to listen to Jimmy Johnson and Barry Switzer and Eddie George during the pregame and halftime. We have to listen to Tom Brennaman and Charlie Davis call the game like it's an NFL game. It just didn't feel right. They tried to give it a college feel by zooming in on the band on every other play. I was chatting with Dave from Maize-n-Brew during the game and we had this exchange.

BSD: Fox loves to zoom in on the band after every big play

MnB: The LSU band looks like a persian harem gone horribly wrong...

 BSD: I thought southern chicks were supposed to be hot and stuff. I can see that shit in Happy Valley

MnB: Ha! I thought they all went to Michigan.

 BSD: that's totally going in the blog tomorrow lol

 MnB: definitely. a battle of the tubbies.

MnB: We're going to hell for this conversation.

MnB: I fucking hate Urban Meyer.

BSD: Urban Meyer has no future on television...but he'll make a good commentator on FOX

MnB: Eddie george has a pointy head.

BSD: I think Eddie George has makeup on his head

BSD: someone check Jamarcus Russell for pot

MnB: Jamarcus Russel looks like he just mugged Bill Cosby

MnB: Good god he's high.

BSD: Troy Smith is like 4' tall

MnB: That was the biggest trainwreck interview I've ever seen. It was glorious.

My other beef with FOX deals with the scheduling. Instead of playing all of the big bowls on New Years Day like we always have, we string it out over a week. What ever happened to pageantry and tradition? I thought that was the whole idea for scorning a playoff system? I have to tell you I'm whupped after staying up until midnight every night watching all of these games.

On to the game itself. The Buckeyes got spanked for the second year in a row. I didn't think they looked any slower than LSU at all. I thought they just played stupid football. They were out of position all night in the pass coverage. They were just not the better team, but I don't think they were any slower than the Tigers.

I still believe James Laurinaitis is overrated. He had 18 tackles in the game which sounds impressive at first glance. But when you watch the game it's not like he was flying all over the place making plays in the backfield and on the wing. LSU was running and throwing right at him all night long. So what does that tell you? I'll let RUTS have the last word.

It's 7:54 a.m. and James Laurinaitis just missed another tackle.  Or was driven off the play 10 yards.  Or jumped on another pile and got credit for a solo tackle.
Your choice, really.

Moving on to other matters from the 2007 Bowl season. Can we please put the obligatory Gatorade dump to bed? I mean, it was funny back in the 80's when Harry Carson of the New York Giants did it to Bill Parcells. It was fresh. It was different. It was fun. Now it's way overdone.
The Original Gatorade Dump Circa 1986

Do we really need to soak Mark Richt for beating Hawaii in the Sugar Bowl? I mean dude, it's just Hawaii.

Congratulations on that big win over a WAC team that didn't deserve to be there, coach!

And then last night I watched LSU dumping Gatorade on assistant coaches. What's next? Should we start pouring it on the mascot? The cheer leaders?* I would like to see a team out there with some real balls dump Gatorade on an official after having a game changing call go their way. That would be cool. Do something different.

So with that we will bring the 2007 season to an official close. Let us never speak of it again. From here on we're looking ahead to 2008. For those of you new to BSD since last summer we don't close up shop here. We'll take a little diversion though basketball season, but we'll still cover football. I'll turn attention toward recruiting up until LOI day. Then we will right away start turning our attention toward 2009 recruiting as scholarship offers start going out. Then there is spring practice and the NFL draft. And sometime in June we'll start breaking down the upcoming season and our opponents. Posting may slow down a bit, but there will be lots to cover in the off season so don't feel like you have to go away and come back in August.

(* although cheer leaders in wet tops may not be such a bad idea. Just the chicks though. And definitely not the LSU band. Please.)