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Final Blogpoll Ballot

We have one last formality before we officially close out the 2007 football season. Brian from MGoBlog has asked us to put together one final blogpoll. So here is the ballot I intend to submit. I put about five minutes of thought into it so I'm open to the fact there are probably mistakes in there. Final ballots are due by noon on Thursday so I have time to make changes. Tell me what you think.

BSD Final Blogpoll Ballot
Rank Team
2 West Virginia
3 Southern Cal
4 Georgia
5 Missouri
6 Ohio State
7 Kansas
8 Oklahoma
9 Virginia Tech
10 Boston College
11 Tennessee
12 Texas
13 Arizona State
14 Auburn
15 Michigan
16 Florida
17 Oregon
18 Clemson
19 Illinois
20 Texas Tech
21 Wisconsin
22 Cincinnati
23 Brigham Young
24 Hawaii
25 Penn State