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Then, Again: RichRod's Back With A Brand New Invention

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Your weekly look at Penn State opponents, past and present.  In December, who will you blame for destroying Penn State's strength of schedule?  Probably Wisconsin.  Note:  Purdue preview will be late this week, probably Friday around noon.

Coastal Carolina (3-2, #157 Sagarin rating):  Put up their third straight win by beating North Carolina A&T, 20-7.  They take on the undefeated Liberty Flames next.

Oregon State (2-2, #23):  Notched a victory of mild importance.  Amazingly, it doesn't get much easier for the Beavers -- they travel to Utah.  For a football game, not multiple wives.

Syracuse (1-4, #130):  Still sucks.  The blew a fourth quarter lead against Pitt -- how satisfying would that have been? -- and now they're staring at 1-11.  Unless they beat Rutgers.  I mean, everyone else does.  Anyway, they're off this week.  Probably for the best.

Temple (1-4, #117):  It's all fallen apart for Al Golden and the Owls.  Without Adam DiMichele, they lost 7-3 to Western Michigan.  They'll have a chance for a win at Fake Miami this weekend.

Illinois (2-2, #61):  As Kevin noted, they're a slight underdog at Michigan on Saturday.

Purdue (2-2, #69): Got swept up in the Emu movement in a 38-21 loss at Notre Dame.  Their defense, it is not so good.

Wisconsin (3-1, #19):  Learned a valuable lesson about taking advantage of other teams' mistakes.  Michigan repeatedly handed the ball over to Wisconsin in the first half, but the Badgers could only turn the mistakes into field goals.  Then the second half started, and Bucky crapped the bed.  They host Ohio State on Saturday, and millions of Nittany Lion fans can't figure out who to root for.

Michigan (2-2, #45):  But seriously, give credit to Michigan, even if they were as stunned by their comeback as Wisconsin.  After treating the football as if it was coated with snake oil, they got their act together in the second half and discovered that this year might not be so awful, after all.

Ohio State (4-1, #20):  Knocked around Minnesota before allowing some late garbage points in a 34-21 victory.  It's the Beanie and Pryor show now.  Terrelle didn't throw for a lot of yards, but he didn't need to.  The Buckeyes ran for 279 yards.

Iowa (3-2, #54):  It's not looking so good in Iowa City.  They lost four fumbles and threw an interception in a 22-17 loss to Northwestern.  There's a moderately serious question as to whether Iowa can even become bowl eligible.  They still have games against Indiana, Purdue, and Minnesota, but none of those can be considered sure victories after back-to-back losses against Pitt and Northwestern.  Killer losses.  They're at Michigan State next week.

Indiana (2-2, #97):  Hung around with Ol' Sparty before losing 42-29.  They play at Minnesota Saturday.

Michigan State (4-1, #27):  I liked this paragraph from the AP recap -- "It was a wild, wacky game for the Old Brass Spittoon. There were two safeties, three replay reviews, a blocked punt, and Hoyer and Hoosiers quarterback Kellen Lewis each threw career-long touchdown passes."  There is nothing bad about any of that.