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  • A Vegas perspective of Penn State's chances at an undefeated regular season.
  • It's a Black Out! Purdue is encouraging students to wear black shirts and selling the official Black Out t-shirt online, with $2 from each sale going to the United Way.
  • Penn State's 5-0 start....ironic? (Hint: No.)
  • The conference baseball teams announce the formation of the Big Ten-Big East Challenge. Penn State will face St. John's and Seton Hall. All of the games will be played in Florida.
  • The Rivalry, Esq. had a good write up on "Clark in HD".  Also: remembering Brad Banks.
  • The Penn State Bars post has been updated here. About a half dozen new locations added. Don't forget to email me (thebigeleventh at gmail dot com) a quick write up about your recent visit to the local Penn State bar, format located at the bottom of the linked post.