The "M" Word


There, I said it.

Fuck ‘em. Michigan is the most overrated program in college football history.

Do some research;

Since the invention of the face mask, which team has won more games? Penn State.

Most Bowl wins? Penn State.

Most Undefeated Seasons? Penn State. (UM did do 9-0-3 once, they actually count that….snicker)

Did you know that Michigan has never even played in, let alone won, a one versus two National Championship game?


Yes, they won nine in a row. Three of those wins were bullshit, two outright stolen. A break or two and it’s 7-6 Michigan. Dominated? Not so much. The only reason any Michigan fan talks about Penn State anyway is because of their disgraceful record against Ohio State.

Here’s a T-shit idea - Hey Michigan fan; ask me about beating Ohio State.

This is the point, and it is very important, so listen carefully. When (yes, when) we beat Michigan, here is what I want you to do….


Not a god damn thing. Nothing. Don’t give them the satisfaction. Us acting like assholes when we win will be more gratifying to them than actually beating us. Do nothing. They suck, we’re good, period.

Do Nothing. Tell your friends. Walk out and go to the Paterno Library.

They have nothing we want, and frankly, nothing left to take.

Their uniforms are ugly. Their stadium is quiet. Their coach is a scumbag.

We’re better than them, win, lose or draw.

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