Inside Enemy Territory

Being a pround alumni of Toledo and living in Michigan, I had a chance to attend the UT-Michigan game at the Big House yesterday.  I want to give a scouting report and a review of the stadium atmosphere.  I had 2nd row seats right behind the Toledo bench surrounded by Michigan fans.  The fans around me were passionate about Michigan and polite to me.  I did get loud in favor of the Rockets, especially for the 100-yd pick 6 and the FG that bounced off the crossbar, and everyone let me be.  I even got a "good game" from a fan that left early.  Had no incidents pre or post game either.  The fans were mainly in a shame spiral because of horrendous offense Michigan has (more on that later).  One interesting note was that a Michigan usher asked the fans to be polite to the players on the field because Illinois players complained about rudeness last week.  I didn't notice any of this even when Toledo players were egging them on later in the game.  Did have a few people yell out about Tom Amstulz weight but other than that they were quiet.  As for the stadium, it did get loud on 3rd downs and the such.  It didn't shake like the Beav but that's only because it is built into the ground.  The fans do chant you suck after big stops which I thought was classless but that's my only complaint.  It was an experience but definitely no Happy Valley.  Penn State is still my favorite place to catch a game and I don't think I'm being bias.


On to the play of Michigan.  If PSU doesn't beat them by 40, we should be ashamed.  Michigan is horrendous with the ball and I think it's affecting their defense  because they are playing just as bad.  Toledo did move the ball outside the 20s but could not get it done in the redzone.  I don't think Penn State will have that problem.  McGuffie is all their offense so stop him.  Also Derrick Williams should be able to have a field day like Toledo receiver Nick Moore did.  It's going to be a long week waiting for this game and I will not be satisifed until there is 0:00 on the clock and Penn State has a blow out victory.  It's been a long 9 years and it's time for this streak to end. 

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