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Stay Classy Ron Zook

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Let's do a quick comparison of coaching styles. Austin Scott gets accused of rape and he's off the team despite the charges later being dropped. Maurice Evans and Abe Koroma get caught with less than an ounce of marijuana in their room and they sit for three weeks. Illinois backup quarterback Eddie McGee pushes a girl twice to the ground and Illinois coach Ron Zook doesn't see a problem with that.

Eddie McGee's status as Illinois' No. 2 quarterback will not be affected by his arrest in connection with an incident at a dance last weekend, coach Ron Zook said Wednesday.

McGee has continued to practice with the team and will back up starter Juice Williams on Saturday against Indiana (7 p.m., BTN, 560-AM).

''If there was an issue with Eddie, something would be done,'' Zook said. ''I'm not going to punish him for something that I feel very comfortable with [as far as] the outcome. We have good kids. Sometimes they get into situations you wish they wouldn't, but that's life.''

That's life? Something he feels "very comfortable" with? I guess sometimes a man has to do what a man has to do, and apparently sometimes a man has to get in a fight with a woman and put her in her place if you ask Ron Zook and Eddie McGee.

This is utterly despicable. I hope Illinois fans are enjoying their newfound success, because they are paying a heavy price for it. We here at BSD are not big fans of Rich Rodriguez, but at least he made the right decision in kicking Mike Milano off the team for beating up a Michigan hockey player.

And before anyone says "apartment fight" or "HUB fight", let me remind you most of the characters involved in those incidents were suspended for some period of time. Some were reinstated while some never put on the PSU jersey again. None of them went back to practice the next day as if nothing happened.