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Experts Say Penn State Good, But Not Good Enough

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(H/T to the Fanposts for this one.)

Penn State is getting more and more talk about the National Title after our impressive first half of the season. The so-called "experts" at CNNSI have put together their bowl projects and Penn State gets a lot of love.

BCS projections

National title: Texas vs. Penn State
Rose: USC vs. Florida
Fiesta: Oklahoma State vs. Utah
Sugar: Alabama vs. Pittsburgh
Orange: Wake Forest vs. Boise State

National title: USC vs. Penn State
Rose: Alabama vs. Michigan State
Fiesta: Texas vs. BYU
Sugar: LSU vs. Oklahoma
Orange: Wake Forest vs. South Florida

National title: Florida vs. Texas
Rose: USC vs. Penn State
Fiesta: Oklahoma vs. BYU
Sugar: Alabama vs. Ohio State
Orange: Virginia Tech vs. Pittsburgh

National title: USC vs. Penn State
Rose: Alabama vs. Oklahoma
Fiesta: Texas vs. BYU
Sugar: Florida vs. Boise State
Orange: Wake Forest vs. Cincinnati

National title: Texas vs. Alabama
Rose: USC vs. Ohio State
Fiesta: Oklahoma vs. Penn State
Sugar: Florida vs. BYU
Orange: Virginia Tech vs. Cincinnati

National title: USC vs. Penn State
Rose: Ohio State vs. Alabama
Fiesta: Missouri vs. BYU
Sugar: Florida vs. Texas
Orange: Wake Forest vs. Pittsburgh

Wow. Four out of six pick our Nittany Lions to play for the National Championship. And how do those guys see the national title game going for us?

Mandel: Texas. The 'Horns will lose once but get in with their impressive résumé. Their swarming defensive front will spoil JoePa's retirement sendoff.

Is this the same swarming defense that gave up 35 points to Oklahoma?

Staples: USC. Unfortunately for the SEC and Big 12, the conferences are so deep that it seems unlikely the champs will escape with one or zero losses. By December, USC's loss at Oregon State will be forgotten, and the Trojans will beat a previously undefeated Penn State.

Winn: USC. Thanks to Big 12 and SEC attrition, the Trojans will creep back up to No. 2 by season's end -- and then shut down the Spread HD in the title game.

Trocchi: USC. Pete Carroll adds to his trophy case and sends JoePa into retirement with an almost-perfect season.

I see. Everyone will forget USC's loss to Oregon State. I guess these guys have already forgotten what happened to Oregon State in Beaver Stadium.

Filice: Alabama. By containing Florida's electric playmakers in the SEC title game and taming Penn State's Spread HD in Miami, the Crimson Tide will prove once again that national titles are won in the trenches.

Indeed. The trenches.

Alabama Penn State
Rushing Offense 226.3 (15) 235.1 (12)
Sacks Allowed/Game 1.5 (43) .86 (12)
Rushing Defense 50.8 (2) 89.9 (11)
Sacks/Game 1.7 (68) 2.7 (17)

Man. We suck.