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Penn State - Ohio State Stat Comparison

Psulogo_medium Ohiostate_logo_medium

Rush Offense (yd/game) 234.6 (10) 97.1 (17) Rush Defense (yd/game) Push
Pass Offense (yd/game) 247.5 (31) 168.3 (15) Pass Defense (yd/game) Ohiostate_logo_medium
QB Rating 151.6 (19) 97.6 (10) Opp. QB Rating Push 
Total Offense (yd/game) 482.1 (11) 265.4 (10) Total Defense (yd/game) Push
Sacks Allowed/Game .75 (6) 1.75 (63) Sacks/Game Psulogo_medium 
3rd Down Conv. Offense 52.0% (8) 36.5% (50) 3rd Down Conv. Defense Psulogo_medium 
Scoring Offense (PPG) 45.4 (7) 13.4 (12) Scoring Defense (PPG) Push
Rush Defense (yd/game) 103.9 (22) 182.4 (34) Rush Offense (yd/game) Push
Pass Defense (yd/game) 159.4 (11) 140.1 (108) Pass Offense (yd/game) Psulogo_medium 
Opp. QB Rating 93.4 (4) 131.9 (47) QB Rating Psulogo_medium 
Total Defense (yd/game) 263.3 (8) 322.3 (92) Total Offense (yd/game) Psulogo_medium 
Scoring Defense 11.8 (6) 26.9 (56) Scoring Offense Psulogo_medium 
Sacks/Game 2.88 (14) 2.63 (103) Sacks Allowed/Game Psulogo_medium 
3rd Down Conv. Defense 27.5% (5) 41.5% (50) 3rd Down Conv. Offense Psulogo_medium 
Kickoff Defense 22.2 (76) 18.9 (107) Kickoff Returns Psulogo_medium 
Kickoff Returns 29.5 (2) 18.4 (19) Kickoff Defense Psulogo_medium 
Net Punting 36.0 (50) 5.69 (99) Punt Returns Psulogo_medium 
Punt Returns 10.9 (43) 43.1 (2) Net Punting Ohiostate_logo_medium
Takeaways 15 (32) 9 (18) Giveaways Ohiostate_logo_medium
Giveaways 8 (12) 21 (2) Takeaways Push
Penalty YPG 29.8 (5) 44 (30) Penalty YPG Psulogo_medium 


So what can we gather from this?

It looks like the matchups between the Penn State offense and Ohio State defense will be fun to watch. Penn State may have a slight advantage in the running game with Ohio State having a slight advantage in pass defense. But overally this looks like the classic irresistible force and immovable object case. The key stat for me is third down efficiency. Ohio State has been a middle of the road team on third down conversions while Penn State has been outstanding in moving the chains. If Penn State can get decent yardage on first and second downs forcing short yardage on third downs I think Ohio State is going to have a real hard time stopping the Nitts.

A glance at Ohio State's offensive numbers against our defensive numbers makes me feel pretty good about our chances. The only thing that bugs me is the 45 points they hung on Sparty last week. A lot of that was aided by turnovers, but that's still a lot of points. Ohio State fans that went into that game uneasy about their offense are suddenly feeling like Tressel hit on something and they are expecting similar results from here out. We'll find out on Saturday night if they are correct.

The key will be stopping Terrelle Pryor and Beanie Wells from running the ball. If they can keep Pryor in the pocket and force him to throw I think the Penn State defense will handle them easily. If we come out playing nickel with five guys in the box like we did against Michigan expect the State College suicide hotline to get another flood of calls around the end of the first quarter.