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Ohio State Preview: Did You Know That They Have A New Quarterback? And He's From Pennsylvania!

Who Shot Who In The What Now? Penn State (8-0, 4-0) at Ohio State (7-1, 4-0). Kickoff at 8:00 p.m. Eastern at Ohio Stadium in Columbus, Ohio.

Kicking Television: YOU ARE LOOKING LIVE at Brent Musberger, Kirk Herbstreit, and Lisa Salters. Nice of them to balance Herbie with PSU alumna Salters, I suppose (and really, she does very good work). For those of you stuck in the car, here are your radio affiliates.

A Fool And His Money: Penn State is a 2.5 point favorite. Who would've believed that two months ago? The over/under is a 46. Rather high, in my estimation.

Legendary Statistical Achievements: Earlier this week, I mentioned the need for Daryll Clark to stay cool on the first and second offensive drives of the game. That's when he's been prone to mistakes this year. Why is this especially important on Saturday night? Ohio State leads the nation in takeaways, and getting down 10-0 in Columbus is a lot more dire than being down 10-0 at home against clunky Michigan.

Weather: I don't know, sketchy? Honestly, it looks like the weather forecast for the 2005 game. Low 50's / High 40's, possible rain showers. The kind of stuff that makes you want to start a good old fashioned garbage can fire in the parking lot.

Ouch, Babe: The only injury issue for Penn State appears to be the slight concussion of safety Anthony Scirrotto, although it looks like he'll be in the lineup.

OMG TERRELLE PRYOR: Well, yeah, Terrelle Pryor. Given what Todd Boeckmann and the Buckeyes offensive line did against PSU last year in Beaver Stadium, I'll take my chances with Pryor. If Penn State's pass rush is a little weak, that might be a blessing in disguise if Pryor is forced to throw from the pocket. Furthermore, it may be by design. Penn State used the "mush rush" effectively against Illinois, and with the exceptions of a few broken coverages, it worked.

Pickin' On The Big Ten: My favorite passage from this week, "Michigan State @ Michigan. They shouldn't actually play this game. The teams should just gather in a circle at midfield and form a support group."

Lest We Forget: This section can't be painful every week, so let's give 2005 one last run, and hope that in a few days, we can start leaning on 2008 highlights against Ohio State.

Smoke Signals From Enemy Territory: There seems to be a rather sustantial wave of opinion from Ohio saying that Terrelle Pryor has suddenly arrived as a big-time college quarterback because Sparty went all Sparty last week. That's fine. Throw for more than 150 and get back to us. Penn State absolutely has to sell out and stop the run. If they're willing to commit an extra player to that cause, they can shut down the Ohio State offense.

Linebacker Who? Penn State coaches and players are saying next to nada about who will be on the field Saturday. Bowman, for sure. After that, my guess is that it'll be situational.