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Penn State Wins 13-6

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Before this game I heard our defense hadn't been tested. They held Ohio State to six points.

Before this game I was told our offensive line was a weakness. Penn State rushed for 160 yards. Ohio State rushed for 61.

Before this game I was told Ohio State had the better running back. Evan Royster had 77 yards rushing. Beanie Wells had 55.

Before this game I was told Terrelle Pryor was the better quarterback. Terrelle Pryor choked and fumbled the ball to give us the win.

Before this game I heard Penn State hasn't won in Columbus in 30 years. We won tonight.

Before this game I was told Penn State hadn't been tested. Penn State is 9-0 and we're going undefeated. You can put us in the national championship, or you can deny us. But you're going to have to deal with it.