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Penn State - Indiana Stat Comparison

Psulogo_medium Hoosierlogo_medium  

Rush Offense (yd/game) 221.7 (12) 175.9 (53) Rush Defense (yd/game) Psulogo_medium
Pass Offense (yd/game) 221.0 (53) 238.9 (91) Pass Defense (yd/game) Psulogo_medium
QB Rating 141.7 (23) 140.6 (100) Opp. QB Rating Psulogo_medium Psulogo_medium
Total Offense (yd/game) 442.7 (19) 414.8 (100) Total Defense (yd/game) Psulogo_mediumPsulogo_medium
Sacks Allowed/Game 0.80 (5) 2.60 (23) Sacks/Game Psulogo_medium 
3rd Down Conv. Offense 50.0% (9) 44.3% (99) 3rd Down Conv. Defense Psulogo_medium Psulogo_medium
Scoring Offense (PPG) 39.9 (9) 32.7 (101) Scoring Defense (PPG) Psulogo_mediumPsulogo_medium
Rush Defense (yd/game) 99.3 (9) 175.8 (36) Rush Offense (yd/game) Psulogo_medium
Pass Defense (yd/game) 167.2 (10) 202.6 (71) Pass Offense (yd/game) Psulogo_medium 
Opp. QB Rating 99.25 (5) 115.6 (84) QB Rating Psulogo_medium Psulogo_medium
Total Defense (yd/game) 266.5 (6) 378.4 (45) Total Offense (yd/game) Psulogo_medium 
Scoring Defense 12.4 (5) 22.9 (78) Scoring Offense Psulogo_medium Psulogo_medium
Sacks/Game 2.7 (20) 2.50 (100) Sacks Allowed/Game Psulogo_medium Psulogo_medium
3rd Down Conv. Defense 33.1% (25) 28.4% (116) 3rd Down Conv. Offense Psulogo_medium Psulogo_medium
Kickoff Defense 22.2 (83) 21.6 (60) Kickoff Returns Hoosierlogo_medium
Kickoff Returns 26.85 (5) 23.6 (97) Kickoff Defense Psulogo_medium Psulogo_medium
Net Punting 36.1 (43) 7.67 (76) Punt Returns Psulogo_medium
Punt Returns 10.4 (42) 37.3 (18) Net Punting Hoosierlogo_medium
Takeaways 19 (42) 17 (57) Giveaways Psulogo_medium
Giveaways 10 (6) 19 (42) Takeaways Psulogo_medium
Penalty YPG 27.3 (1) 49.6 (57) Penalty YPG Psulogo_medium

There were running a buy-one-get-one-free special on Penn State logos this week so I bought some extras. Actually, I wanted to start pointing out areas where one team had a huge advantage, so anywhere you see one team ranked in the top 25 and the other team is ranked below 80 you will see it emphasized with two logos.

Indiana couldn't come at a better time for Penn State. After two straight games of struggling on offense the Nittany Lions need a game like this to get their mojo back. Indiana is bad on offense and bad on defense. But the stat that bothers me is the number of sacks they record per game. They are a very good pass rushing team and Daryll Clark has not been good at handling pressure in the past two games. Penn State has to dominate the run on first and second down to get third and short situations and keep Indiana guessing. They also need to mix in play action on first and second down which I don't recall seeing much of in Iowa at all. Indiana's pass defense is terrible, which is understandable considering the injuries they have suffered.

Defensively this is a team we should handle easily. They don't have many weapons, and Tom Bradley won't be waking up in a cold sweat this week with visions of James Hardy leaping overtop our defensive backs. I don't see too much to get scared about here, but then I thought the same thing last week.