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2008 Senior Day Haiku

For those of you new to BSD within the past year, we have a little tradition we like to call Senior Day Haiku to honor the great warriors who are about to play their last game on the field at Beaver Stadium. Readers are encouraged to write their own haikus, or if you are poetically challenged just share your favorite memories of these great Nittany Lions. And now without further delay in alphabetical order.

Deon Butler

Walk-on to starter
More than Engram and O.J.
Six yard out routes rock

Gerald Cadogen

Pulling down the line
Looking for someone to hit
Kill the linebacker

Paul Cianciolo

Michigan O-Six
Threw the touchdown to Tony
You'll always have that

Tony Davis

Always making plays
Always second to others
You have our respect

Josh Gaines

I will admit it
I didn't think you were good
But you proved me wrong

Kevin Kelly

Inconsistent yet
The Big Ten record holder?
How did that happen?

Dan Lawlor

Crushing bruising block
The last of a dying breed
The spread is for wimps

Mike Lucian

Tackle, guard, tight end
What the hell are you again?
Team player is all

Greg Miskins

A tight end really?
What was your number again?
You played? For Penn State?

Jordan Norwood

Oh for four inches
The NFL thinks you're short
But your hands are great

Rich Ohrnberger

Wasn't sure ‘bout you
Concentration is the key
Just don't jump offside

Mark Rubin

Freshman receiver
Broken leg. Moved to defense
Turned out pretty good

Tyrell Sales

Waited your turn here
Any other school you star
Not Linebacker U

Lydell Sargeant

At the Blue White Game
Looked annoyed to sign my hat
Sorry to bug you

Anthony Scirrotto

Don't hate on his girl
A cell phone and a posse
And you drink your lunch

A.Q. Shipley

Toughness Nastiness
Not a man to be messed with
Please don't hurt me, sir.

Derrick Williams

During the dark years
You came when no one believed
You were our savior