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NCAA Declares That Penn State Must Play Its Remaining Games

I think it's crap, personally, but it seems that Penn State is actually going to have to play the Iowa, Indiana, and Michigan State games.  Sad news for all of us who have been relentlessly focused on how Penn State will sneak its way into the BCS Championship.

Mission #1, find a way to stop this guy:


Yes, given The Manzi's turnover and protection problems, we'll probably see a defensive scheme similar to the one Penn State used in Columbus.  However, we'll need Daryll Clark to be a lot sharper than he was against the Buckeyes.  Thirteen points isn't going to be enough to win this game, and before you say, "Yeah, but Iowa's defense is not as good as Ohio State's," take a look at the national rankings for scoring defense.  The Hawkeyes aren't a bunch of random suckers.  Their four losses have been by a combined 12 points.  Just a warning.