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Bring On The Trojans


Ok Penn State fans. You got your wish. Oregon beat Oregon State in the Civil War, and we have likely avoided a dreaded rematch with the Beavers. But be careful what you wish for.

It's funny how perceptions change. On Friday, everyone dreaded a rematch between the Beavers and the Nittany Lions. They feared that Oregon State would be grossly overmatched just like they were the first time the two teams met in Happy Valley where Penn State spanked them 45-14. But today it's a different story. Today, after the events in Corvalis, Penn State is now the team that is perceived to be grossly overmatched against USC. We have gone from being the heavy favorite to the undeserving underdog over night.

So prepare yourselves, Nittany Lion fans. I'm telling you this now. Nobody is going to give us a chance in the Rose Bowl against the mighty Trojans. Already people are saying USC deserves better than a consolation prize. Even the USC players aren't giving us any respect.

"If it's not in the national championship game, yeah, it's a disappointment," Maiava said. "But this is what we do. We win the Pac-10 and then own the Rose Bowl. That's our thing around here."

So just prepare yourselves now. Don't flood the USC message boards and blogs, because they don't care about you. You're just another moron Big Ten fan who thinks their team is going to beat them just like Iowa fans in 2002, Michigan fans in 2006, Illinois fans in 2007, and Ohio State fans in 2008. They are just as excited to play Penn State as we were to play Oregon State again. You're not going to change that.

So my advice is don't let it piss you off. Just soak it in. Let the media tell us we don't belong in the BCS. Let them tell us we don't deserve a game against an opponent as fine as USC. Let them tell us the Big Ten is slow and behind the times. Just let them say whatever they want to say, because it puts us exactly where we want to be.