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Penn State Soccer Getting All 2007 Colorado Rockies

The PSU Men's soccer team has been inconsistent all year, but with just one regular season game left on the schedule, they are playing their best soccer of the season with the tournament just a couple of weeks away.

The latest victim of the improved squad was perennial Big Ten soccer power Indiana. The Hoosiers entered the game ranked #17 nationally.  Penn State took home the win 1-0, but not before things got interesting:

For 65 minutes the game was a typical Big Ten rivalry match filled with tough challenges and mid-air collisions. There was absolutely nothing dirty about it.

But in the 66th minute, that all changed.

Following a tackle by Gelsinger, Sarkodie took exception. He rose to his feet, some shoving ensued, and when it finally appeared as if the two had broken up, Sarkodie retaliated in what could be described as less than a punch but more than a slap.

Apparently no card was given and play deteriorated into a series of progressively worsening cheap shots. Regardless of the extra-curriculars, the team stayed focused enough to seal the deal.

This is the second strong showing in a row for Penn State; this win comes after a 1-1 tie with then #2 Akron.  The recent success is in large part due to goalie Warren Gross, who recently earned Big Ten Defensive Player of the Week honors.

They may just be peaking at the right time too, with the Big Ten tournament right around the corner.  For you soccer fans, keep an eye out for broadcast announcements on the BTN web site.