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Second Half Open Thread

First half thoughts

WTF was up with that first series? We're facing into a 30 mph wind and we come out throwing on the first three plays? Clark fumbles and almost coughs up a touchdown. We got lucky, but all we did was delay Shonn Greene from scoring three plays later.

The decision to switch Rich Ohrnberger and Wisniewski is a colossal blunder. Ohrnberger is getting owned by Mitch King. He's winning the battle in the running game, but can't pass defend to save his life.

After that first series Joe must have turned to Jay and said, "Ok kid. Galen is going to call the plays from now on." Penn State has been running the ball with dominating success. The yardage and time of possession are heavily in our favor.

Unfortunately the redzone offense has sputtered twice. Poor execution killed one drive and a penalty killed the other.

The Iowa defense has to be getting tired. We have to just keep running the ball and wearing them down. I'm looking for Royster, Green, or Williams to break a big play or two in the second half.