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Apocalypse, How? Aftermath Open Thread

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Over 700 comments in the previous thread, so here's another for your post-game reactions.  Penn State could have done a lot of things differently, but Iowa won the game with their red zone defense and final offensive drive.

Daryll Clark had a nice stretch of completions halfway through the game, but he started and ended poorly*.  The playcalling relied heavily on Derrick Williams in the backfield, and I think it's fair to wonder if the coaches were being too careful with Clark in light of his previous concussion.

The Rose Bowl is still within grasp with victories against Indiana and Michigan State, but a weekend of mourning and dissection is more than appropriate.  What went wrong, in your opinion?

* - Upon slightly further review, Clark received next to no assistance from his offensive line.  They were totally fine on rushing plays, but pass blocking was atrocious.  That may not even be a strong enough word, and it was even worse when Iowa unleashed its blitz packages.  You know how Penn State's defensive blitzes never work?  Think the exact opposite of that.