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Al Golden Not Interested In Syracuse. Let's Overanalyze It.

Al Golden will attack the MAC for at least one more year.

Just when it seemed the successor stories had disappeared, there were some interesting developments in the Coach Swap '08.  The first rumor that got our heads turned was an unconfirmed report that Tom Bradley may or may not be interested in the Syracuse job.

The validity is questionable, no doubt, but the thought is interesting.  If Bradley, one of the best D coordinators in the country who now has the added experience of working almost an entire season as de facto sideline head coach, is all of the sudden looking around after 25 years at the bit...well, that's something to take note of, even if it is just a rumor.

Then today, while stressing over the ever shrinking list of Greg Robinson replacements, TNIAAM finds another name to cross off:

Al Golden? Not interested. (Let that simmer for a minute..the head coach of Temple football feels as though he's better off there than coaching Syracuse.)

While at first it looks like a knock on the state of Syracuse football, maybe there is more to it.

The quote that was linked:

"Syracuse asked for permission to speak with Coach Golden, and it was granted," said Temple Director of Athletics Bill Bradshaw. "However, Coach Golden has indicated that he is not interested in pursuing the position."

Moving from Temple to Syracuse is an upgrade in every sense of the word.  No offense to our Temple friends, but a BCS school with history, playing in a conference with no ten foot giants to overcome, is a better gig than coaching the MAC, even if you are on the rise.  I mean, get better than Cincinnati and you are going to the Orange Bowl.  He could even maintain most of his recruiting ties and knows he has the ability to turn around a struggling program.

So the only explanation, for me anyway, is that he is waiting for a better gig.  The thing is, though, coaches running middle of the pack MAC teams don't get a lot of offers.

He's waiting out the Penn State job.  I really think it's that simple.  I'm not suggesting he is a lock for Next Head Coach At Penn State, but you don't turn down a job like Syracuse, where each passing day makes it look like an easier and easier land, unless you are confident that PSU will at least give you a fair shot.

He is a qualified guy, of course, with Penn State ties both personally and in his staff.  We probably aren't doing this song and dance for at least another year, maybe two or three, but the setup continues to get more interesting.