Rose Bowl Needs to Grow Up


More Big Ten/PSU hate. With the BCS bowls fast approaching the match ups are starting to form but one seems to lack that sparkle and it is time for change. No I'm not talking about a playoff, this time... The Big-10 vs Pac-10 tradition of the Rose Bowl needs to be abolished. With USC winning the Pac-10 again, baring any miracles from UCLA, we will see them in the Rose Bowl for the 4th year in a row, the third against the Big-10. How many times do we have to watch them beat up on the same conference? If we can't have a playoff can't we see match ups that we would rarley watch during the regular season (we were close to a USC Ohio state repeat)? What about a USC vs Florida/Alabama or Texas/OU, depending on outcome of this weekend? These are games that rarely happen and would pit some of the best teams in the country against one another.