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College Pick 'Em Final Standings

It was another fun season of College Pick 'Em. This was one of my worst years in the game as I came in a disappointing 63rd place. It didn't help that I completely forgot to submit my picks in week 10, but I was well out of the running by that point anyway. It was an all around disappointing effort by your humble blogger. I promise to step it up next time.

As for the winner, though the seasons change and players come and go, the results are always the same. CoolHandLucky won the contest once again. The dude is unreal. I think he's a lurker that doesn't comment on BSD, but I picture him just living the dream out in Las Vegas making a living at betting on the games and spending his winnings on hookers and cheap wine. He's my hero.

Here are how the top five standings ended up.

1. CoolHandLucky 541
2. Ackiewicz 534
3. Aluf 526
T4. WVHorn 520
T4. NYC Nittany Lion           520

So to CoolHandLucky, if you would kindly send me an email at blackshoediaries (at) gmail (dot) com we can make arrangements for me to ship your bounty, a copy of Sports Illustrated's College Football Book which will look fine sitting on your coffee table. It also doubles as a very nice coaster for your ice tea, soda (pop if you're from Western Pennsylvania), or alternative adult beverage of choice.

Though the contest was over the minute CoolHandLucky signed up, it was still a lot of fun playing with you all. If you missed out on joining the game or you missed a week like me and you're kicking yourself because you finished less than 50 points behind, you'll get another chance as we always have another pick 'em game for the bowl season. I have another copy of the book to give away so watch for details on how to join in the coming days.