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Yeah, No Way Anyone Could Have Predicted These Results


Nice, right? (Brought to you by ESPN, of course.)

There are two things I like about it:

  • That Big Ten Country seems to have tired of Ohio State as well. If you take this exact same situation but switch the conferences each team is aligned with, I have a feeling those the Big XII and SEC states would be a lot more interested in voting along party lines than sharing their real feelings.
  • That the state of Ohio doesn't care about anyone but themselves. Instead of being upset their conference isn't being represented in the BCS National Championship Game, they simply admit that they don't really care. Good for them, I guess.

And while it's easy to pile on here, I will defend the Buckeye to help create the appearance of balanced blogging:

A much better option than one that is a backhand jab at the Big Ten would be to suggest which team should have gone instead. So, rather than "Ohio State getting in", you could have said something like "Boise State not getting in" since they are the only real alternative option here. This is strikingly similar to last year's complaint about Illinois getting into the Rose Bowl. With the two per conference rule, the next best option was Boston College; a team that didn't have any legitimate reason to be picked ahead of the Zookers and would have probably met an equally embarrassing fate against USC.

An even better gripe might be "that Virginia Tech received an automatic bid" since they have, you know, twice as many losses as the Buckeyes.

But however you have to spin it is fine. And since ESPN is going to become a glorified MTV any day now it's all going to be irrelevant anyway.