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Looking Ahead to 2009 - Quarterbacks

Recruiting never ends. Before the ink is completely dry on the class of 2008 it's time to start talking about the class of 2009. Penn State has already handed out over 20 written offers. If you think that's crazy, Ohio State already has six verbal commitments for the class of 2009. So starting today we'll break down our recruiting needs and identify some of the top targets we'll be going after. First, let's examine how many scholarships we'll have available. The following is the list of players who will run out of eligibility after the 2008 season.

Dontey Brown LB Deon Butler WR
Gerald Cadogen OT Paul Cianciolo QB
Tony Davis DB Josh Gaines DE
Jed Hill TE Kevin Kelly K
Dan Lawlor FB Sean Lee LB
Mike Lucian OG Nerraw McCormack OT
Jordan Norwood WR Rich Ohrnberger OG
Ako Poti OT Mark Rubin S
Tyrell Sales LB Lydell Sargeant CB
Anthony Scirrotto S A.Q. Shipley C
Derrick Williams WR

So that's 21 scholarships to play with right there. We had at least two scholarships go unused in this class. Figure a few seniors won't return for their fifth year and I imagine we'll end up with a full class of 25 players. So this will be an extremely important recruiting year for the future of our program.

Today we'll start with examining our needs at quarterback. Let's take a look at the 2008 quarterback roster.

Quarterbacks Class
Paul Cianciolo Sr
Daryll Clark Jr
Pat Devlin So

So you can see that after the 2008 season we only have two scholarship quarterbacks on the roster. We need quarterbacks badly. So I'm looking for Penn State to take at least two in the class of 2009. The wildcard hanging out there is Terrelle Pryor. If we're fortunate enough to land him in this class we may take just one, but I think we'll still take two regardless of what Pryor does. We desperately need more depth at this position. Somebody is going to have to run the scout team in 2009, and I prefer it not be either Clark or Devlin.

So here are some of the top quarterback targets Penn State will be going after in this recruiting class.

Top Quarterback Prospects for 2009
Name Hometown Size Junior Stats
Tate Forcier San Diego, CA 6-1, 185 77 % Comp, 2387 yds, 21 TD, 5 INT, 733 yds 6 TD rushing
Craig Crawford Huntington, WV 6-2, 200 1600 yds, 13 TD, 4 INT, 500 yds 7 TD rushing
Kevin Newsome Chesapeake, VA 6-3, 215 1200 yds, 12 TD, 500 yds 11 TD rushing
Tom Savage Springfield, PA 6-4, 220 803 yds, 8 TD (6 games)