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Six More Weeks

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Hey looks cute, but he's toying with your emotions.

Damn you cursed rodent. Why must you torment me so? Every year at this time we're stuck in the house unable to go outside. Football season is nearly over. The long desolate off season is upon us. Penn State basketball sucks once again. As if we didn't have enough to be depressed about, you have to declare six more weeks of winter.

I'm calling bull. I checked the weather in Punxsutawney this morning. It was cloudy. You couldn't possibly see your shadow you furry pest. The fix is in. It's obvious you're getting your jollies by pissing us off. Sure you threw us a bone last year and predicted an early spring, but that was easy since it was a pretty mild winter that never really set it. But I checked the record. You've picked a long winter for eight of the last nine years.

I'm watching you, rodent. I can see right through those beedy little eyes of yours. They pierce my soul. I expect early spring next year or you'll be road kill out on I-80 if you catch my drift.