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Big Ten Tournament Open Thread - Illinois Fighting Illini

Big Ten
Penn State 15-15 (7-11) Illinois 13-18 (5-13)

Another must win game for the Nittany Lions if they want to keep their post season hopes alive. Winning four games in four days to make the NCAA Tournament is probably too much to ask at this point. Ok, it's definitely too much to ask. But winning today would guarantee us a .500 record which would make us eligible for the NIT or the new College Basketball Invitational tournament. With two wins over two ranked opponents I think we would have a pretty impressive resume.

Again, the game is on ESPN2 at 2:30 today. It's also available on ESPN360. I'll probably be watching along on the game tracker during the game. I'm taping it at home and I'll watch it later tonight. Feel free to spoil it for me in the open thread. Just enjoy the game.