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Terrelle Pryor Will Announce This Week

Congratulations to Terrelle Pryor and his teammates from Jeannette for winning the PIAA AA Basketball Championship. You would think tonight would be a night of celebrating with his teammates. A night for kicking back and savoring the victory. It seems like an odd time to say this.

One of the more protracted recruiting battles in recent memory will come to an end this week. five-star quarterback Terrelle Pryor said Saturday he will make his college choice sometime next week.

Pryor made the comment after leading his Jeannette (Pa.) High basketball team to a AA state championship at Penn State's Bryce Jordan Center. He had 23 points, eight rebounds and five blocks in the 76-72 win over Philadelphia's Strawberry Mansion.

Pryor, who had been considering football scholarships from Ohio State, Penn State, Michigan and Oregon, said he has narrowed the field to two schools. But he declined to say which two schools.

He will not make any more visit between now and the time he makes up his mind.

Interesting theory that began floating around the Penn State message boards this morning: Could Pryor have ruled out Penn State weeks ago but just strung the Nittany Lions along until he got past this string of games in the Jordan Center? Think about it. If he had committed to Ohio State back on signing day, how friendly would the Jordan Center have been this afternoon? The Penn State students would have undoubtedly got a head start on booing him before he ever put on the Scarlett and Gray. But instead he was showered with praise as the thousands who packed the Jordan Center cheered his name.

I think it's pretty obvious he's not going to Penn State now. He said a few weeks ago he was going to sign with Ohio State on signing day, but he delayed it out of respect for his father who asked him to give Penn State another look. He said all along he intended to visit Penn State, but now just hours after playing his last basketball game in State College he says he's ready to announce, and oh yeah, he won't be visiting Penn State afterall. The writing is on the wall, people. Terrelle Pryor is a Buckeye.