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BSD Tournament Challenge on ESPN

Is it me or does it seem like March Madness starts later and later every year? Pretty soon we're going to have to call it June Madness or something. I'm patenting the phrase "April Awesomeness", so don't even think about it.

Once again Penn State will be sitting at home watching the tournament. But really, who needs all that stress? I'd much rather just enjoy the games without yelling at the television and biting my nails. Ah hell. Who am I kidding. This sucks. But at least we can have some fun filling out a bracket.

To that end, I have created a group for us on ESPN's Tournament Challenge. So go sign up for a free ESPN account if you don't have one already. Then join the group I created.

Group Name: Black Shoe Diaries
Password: joepa

And don't forget to make your picks. Back during the Bowl Pick 'Em game we had eight people register and not make a single pick. They ain't going to pick themselves, people.

I'll give updates after each round. Let's try to liven things up a bit from the College and Bowl Pick 'Em games. I expect to see a lot of trash talking. In fact, the leader after each round is obligated to publicly ridicule the picks of rest of us. Failure to do so will result in voracious beatings. There. You've been warned.